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Stuart Dinsey, Founder & MD, Intent Media

Stuart Dinsey

Stuart Dinsey is Founder and MD of Intent Media, a B2B publisher in the entertainment, technology and leisure markets.  In December 2012, Intent Media was acquired by US-based Newbay Media, and Stuart now runs European operations for the group.  Stuart is speaking at the Specialist Media Conference on 24 April 2013.  Here he shares his current challenges and some tips for other independent publishers.

How did you get into publishing?

I was a journalist for 12 years. I became editor of Computer Trade Weekly at 21, when Greg Ingham left to be Chris Anderson’s first ever publisher at Future. Eventually I left to launch my own video games trade mag and wanted to build a trade media group specialising in entertainment and leisure. 

What media brands do you publish?

Music Week, MCV: The Market for Computer & Video Games, ToyNews, PC Retail, Licensing.biz, Develop, Pro Sound News Europe, Audio Pro International, TV Broadcast Europe, Installation, Musical Instrument Professional, Mobile Entertainment and BikeBiz.

What’s happening in your market? 

In the markets we serve which are retail-focused, there is obviously a lot of pressure on channels due to the decline of the High Street. Events are still popular but increasingly crowded. Readers and advertisers are gradually becoming more tuned into digital offerings in the B2B space.

What’s new for your products? 

All our sites get a website refresh every two years and the next-gen sites on way are being built as adaptive sites that can work beautifully on iPad and smartphones, with flexible ad inventory. New events this year include an awards event for the professional audio market and something new for the UK recorded music market too, but I’m not allowed to reveal what that is yet.

Where are your big opportunities? 

Clearly, integrating with Newbay Media, who acquired us last December, is the main focus. This brings lots of opportunities for new launches in Europe and the US. Intent Media brands could go to the US and NewBay brands could come to Europe.

Internationally, we are driving on with the spin-offs from our core video games brand MCV – namely MCV Pacific, MCV Nordic and MCV India.

What keeps you awake at night? 

Decline of the High Street and therefore the traditional sales and distribution channel, which trade media has always been a key part of. Employment law, web development and product development. You have to stay on top of everything and ahead of everyone.

What big decisions do you have coming up? 

We have to figure out what NewBay brands could come to Europe or be integrated into our existing brands to give them more leverage.

How do you find out about new trends in publishing? 

Events like the Specialist Media Show are absolutely essential. Plus the PPA. Trade and national media coverage for B2B is poor though – Media Week and Guardian etc just not interested, despite it being a robust and exciting UK industry.

What’s your top tip for other niche and independent publishers?

Don’t live through your business, run it properly and deliver good margin. But always, always look after your staff. You are nothing without them.

What’s your favourite magazine? 

BBC History Magazine


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